Monday, October 18, 2010

Little Ballerina

Parker on her first day of dance lessons...I got a lump in my throat when I got her all ready and she turned around...she looked precious! I will have to say though...i think she's built more for gymnastics than for Ballet :)
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Friday, August 6, 2010

Awards Lunch at "Sports Camp"

Trey went to a "kids camp/sports camp" over at the clubhouse the last week of July...For five straight days they had golf lessons, tennis lessons, did "fitness" activities, and swam...At the end of the week he told me he was sooo sad that it was over. He met a new "best" friend named Nathan. The counselors told me that he and Nathan were joined at the hip all week...they literally did everything together. On Friday they did an "awards luncheon" and each child got a trophy...and they did awards in each age category
and trey won the "putting contest"..go figure, guess he'll have to start giving his daddy some pointers:)
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Back to the Beach....

We went back to the beach at the end of June with Granna and Doc....and had a blast! We even went to Waterville for the first time in years....Trey loved the innertube rides and the body slides...Parker thought she was big enough to do everything even though she wasnt and Jack would have been content to wander around the kiddie pool for hours!

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Orange Beach June 2010

We got to spend some time at the beach in June the five of us...and Gran and Grandaddy! We tried out a new condo and the kids loved the splash pad/infinity pools/and the beach! They are all little water bugs and it literally takes all of us to watch them in the pool!

This is my attempt to get a group picture of the kids....always a challenge to get everyone to cooperate...but I thought we got some good pictures nonetheless :)
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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Believe me when I say that time flies....

I know its an expression that we hear all the time...but I've really taken it to heart this last year. Trey had his preschool graduation and will moving on to Kindergarten in the fall. It seems like just yesterday that we brought his home from the hospital. Now, I'm excited about this new adventure he is about to start....I just wish he would slow down the "growing up" just a little :)

Trey and his teachers Mrs. Teri and Mrs. Paige
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The Pirates--Tball 2010

We spent this spring at the ball park. Trey played for the Pirates and loved it! Jack and Parker also enjoyed his games because they got to play in the dirt and most of all, go to the concession stand...ring pops here we come!

He was so excited about his trophy...
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More April Happenings... was a pretty big deal around here this month because Trey lost his first tooth...bottom center....and he couldn't wait for the tooth fairy to come and visit him!
Here's a picture of the kids on their way to school...
Here's Parker and her allergy Dr. appointment.....I took her and Jack to have them allergy tested...We figured since Trey had so many food allergies it was a good idea to see if the two of them had any similar allergies. Well, yes they both had the same food allergies as Trey...What are the odds of that? Needless to say, the Fuqua family will not be enjoying any PB and J's anytime sad!
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The Mayan Riviera---On Time!!

Well, waaay back in April part of the gang took a trip to the Mayan Riviera in Mexico....and it was on time! Us, the Walkers and the Tates went for four nights and it was beautiful! We can't wait to go back! Too many inside jokes to even think about listing here.......
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Monday, April 26, 2010

Some More Egg Hunting...

Granna, Doc, Aly, Granny, and Poppa came down for lunch on Easter.....we hunted eggs in our backyard this time....
Parker and Aunt Aly
Trey checking to make sure Jack didn't get more than him....
Jack checking to make sure that Trey didn't steal any of his eggs.......and Parker oblivious to it all!
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Ready for church....Easter Morning

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The Easter bunny came!!!!!

The kids were so excited to wake up Easter morning and see what the Easter bunny brought....Of course, Trey had a zillion questions about how the Easter bunny gets in the house, will we hear him? , where does he live, etc....but once he saw the goodies all that didn't was a race to see who could open their candy the fastest....
Jack's ultra serious face.........
Comparing baskets....pulling "tradesies"......
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